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There Is No Bloodroot In Our Mole Removal Paste

warts on toeThe image to the left shows bloodroot.  Some mole remover products that are on the market contain bloodroot.  Ours does not.  We would not sell a product that contains bloodroot.

We advise that  if you choose not to purchase Mole & Wart EZ Clear, but rather try and find another product that suits your requirements, please check the ingredients.  It is our opninion that you should ensure that the product you decide to purchase to remove your warts, moles or skin tags does not contain Bloodroot.

Would we use or sell a product that contained Bloodroot? No. Absolutely not!


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..… In 2006, a young lady, of Liberty Hill, Texas, developed a small but deep-rooted cancer on the skin of her bloodroot victim 1nose that was biopsied and diagnosed by a dermatologist. Surgery was recommended, but her sister, who has practiced as a "master herbalist" for many years, persuaded her that a Bloodroot paste would do a better job. The first picture shows how her nose and the surrounding skin became inflamed. The second picture shows the hole in her nose that resulted. The paste destroyed some areas of bone and cartilage, which means that when the wound heals, she will require extensive plastic surgery. She also reported that the inflamed area was extremely painful for more than a week….

Another Victim Of Bloodroot

….. Gail Bumpus, of Singer Island, Florida, Florida, was the victim of 84-year-old Jerome Craft, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon who advertised in the Yellow Pages as a specialist in cancer and burns. In 2005, she consulted him about possible surgery for excess skin under her nose. During the first two visits, without taking a biopsy, blood-root-on-skinCraft said that she had extensive cancer in the nose and that a black salve that he had invented would remove the cancer without leaving any scars. After the salve was applied, her nose became extremely painful and her face swelled "like a pumpkin." Although an emergency room physician advised hospitalization, Craft talked her into remaining under his care for ten more days, during which time she experienced excruciating pain but was reassured that she would be fine. When she finally returned to the hospital, she was admitted for five days and treated with massive doses of antibiotics. When the dead tissue was removed from her nasal area, it was apparent that her nose had been burned off. So far she has had six operations to reconstruct a nose. The Florida Board of Medicine has charged Craft with "failing to practice medicine with that level of care, skill, and treatment which is recognized acceptable and appropriate by reasonably prudent similar health care providers."

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….. Its most persistent and possibly valid use takes advantage of the flesh destroying properties of the root juice or powered root for treating conditions of the skin such as ringworm, warts, polyps, fungal growths and the like…..

….. Self medication should be avoided, as the plant can be toxic. Even small doses can produce unwanted effects such as visual distortions. Warning: The FDA considers Bloodroot "unsafe" and urges that it not be used by herbal healers…..

The Danger Of Bloodroot

Some mole removal products on the market contain bloodroot. 







Be well informed before you choose to buy them.

Mole & Wart EZ Clear Ingredients

Mole & Wart EZ Clear does not contain bloodroot.  Ingredients of Mole & Wart EZ Clear are Cashew, Common Fig, Greater Celandine, Purified Water, White Rice, Talc & Lemon.



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